# Introduction

This document explains how to install BIMData.io applications on your servers.

You can test our products on our SaaS Platform (opens new window).

# How to have access to on-premises

You must contact our sales services to have access to the necessary resources for the installation.

# Architecture

The BIMData.io softwares are separated into multiple components, each one with its role.

# Web applications

Web applications are the components with which the users interact:

  • Bimdata Connect: manage users and authentication,
  • Bimdata API: to interact with the data,
  • Bimdata Platform: allow the use of the previous components in our ergonomic interface.
    The plaform is split in two components:
    • Platform_front
    • Platform_back
  • Bimdata Marketplace: to manage differents plugins. The Marketplace is split in two components:
    • Marketplace_front
    • Marketplace_back
  • Bimdata Archive: to download zip archives from the DMS.
  • Bimdata Documentation: a copy of our documentation, in the right version, so you can always access it.

# Workers

Workers are the components that will be used to extract, transform, convert or produce data from models or other documents. There are a lot of different workers:

  • GLTF:
  • SVG:
  • XKT:
  • Preview:
  • Extract:
  • Export:
  • Merge:

# Third-party components

Bimdata.io softwares need other components to work:

They can also use some optional components:

  • an SMTP server to send mail,
  • an Object Storage (like S3) to store uploaded files.

There are a lot of different components, it can be complicated to understand their interactions, so we hope this diagram can help you to apprehend the different network flows:

Diagram showing the communication between the different components